With Stuff We All Get, Winnipeg songwriter Christine Fellows takes her preoccupation with the handmade and the ephemeral to new heights. She created this 13-song solo album, her 8th, alongside 13 stop-motion videos. Fellows asks us to consider the possibility that we have more in common with each other than we might think, while we stand in line together for the same bumpy ride. 

For 13 Wednesdays, beginning on 2 November 2022, Vivat Virtute will release a new stop-motion collage video by C. Fellows, in honour of the launch of Fellows' 8th solo album, Stuff We All Get (25 November 2022).

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Produced in Winnipeg by C. Fellows, and recorded and mixed by Cam Loeppky, Stuff We All Get  features Ashley Au (double bass), Christine Bougie (lap steel guitar), C. Fellows (vocals, piano, tenor guitar, baritone & tenor ukulele, accordion, melodica, synths, percussion), John Samson Fellows (backing vocals), Rusty Matyas (bass guitar), Alex McMaster (cello, trumpet), Ford Pier (string and horn arrangements), Jason Tait (drums, percussion, bass guitar), and Leanne Zacharias (cello).  
This project was made possible with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council. Winnipeg Arts Council (with funding from the City of Winnipeg) generously supported the creation of The Eclipse and Aquarium, which are excerpts from the score for Aquarium, a performance work created in collaboration with Lesandra Dodson, Marc Boivin, and Elise Vanderborght.

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